Four-Laning U.S. Highway 12, Burbank to Walla Walla

Turning the Corner for Safety and Economic Vitality

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Project Update

Highlighting Phases 7 and 8

Highway 8

US 12/SR 124 Intersection      Build Interchange - $21.3 million

PHASE 1       McNary Pool to Attalia - $10.8 million
PHASE 2       SR 124 to McNary Pool - $12.1 million
PHASE 3       Attalia Vicinity - $16.0 million
PHASE 4       Wallula Junction to Walla Walla Corridor Study - $5.1 million
PHASE 5       Attalia Vicinity to US 730 - Preliminary Design Only - $0.8 million
PHASE 6       Frenchtown Vicinity to Walla Walla - $51.6 million
PHASE 7       Nine Mile Hill to Frenchtown Vicinity - Fully Funded
PHASE 8       Wallula to Nine Mile Hill - Partially Funded

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Join us in our efforts to expand U.S. Highway 12 from two to four lanes between Burbank and Walla Walla for safety and economic vitality.

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